Thursday, May 14, 2009


Complacency is a dangerous place to be. Someone asked me once "Have you ever thought you were doing everything right only to have a different perspective shared with you and you realize that you weren't doing it all right? Have you ever had to re-examine yourself? Re-evaluate your life?" I was surprised by the questions. My thoughts were 'WOW! I find myself re-evaluating my ways everyday! What's up with that?'

I find that is part of the Holy Spirit's job, if I am open to the things he shows me. The Spirit will gently point out my unkind tone to my husband, the sarcasm toward my girls, the prideful feeling I can have and on and on. The Spirit is not condemning, just convicting and convincing. The Spirit is willing to help us convert our ways, if we are willing to be shaped and molded to be more like Christ.

In Isaiah 32:9-20, the Isarealites were told about the consequences of complacency. They were told that in complacency (carelessness), they would loose their fruitful crops to overgrown briers and thorns; joyful and happy homes will be gone; the city will be deserted and towns empty.

If we are not careful, briers and thorns can overtake our fruitful lives, our homes can loose its joy, our relationships with our husbands, our children, and friends can become empty. Complacency is not a reward, not a goal, not a place to arrive. It is dangerous territory to settle in. Our enemy roams around like a lion seeking whom he may devour. His ultimate goal is to steal, kill and destroy. I know that the road grows weary, but we must persevere toward the goal laid before us, throwing off that which hinders us in the race.

I encourage you to not take your eyes off Him and to not get entangled with the affairs of this life, so that we may please Him who enlisted us.

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  1. Hi Mags,

    Thanks so much for stopping by the blog and signing up for the on-line Bible study. I am so excited to get to know you!!

    I LOVE what you wrote today about the Holy Spirit's conviction. Your words about God, through the Holy Spirit speaking to your tone with your family REALLY spoke to me. That is an area where the Lord has truly done a work in me as I have surrendered my tongue to Him. I may still say harsh words or use a harsh tone, but I do it less often and when I do He gently convicts me and nudges (sometimes shoves me)to words of apology.

    Thanks for such encouraging words today.