Monday, March 30, 2009

Hold Fast

As I spontaneously (completely against every fiber of my being) took off for a bike ride after finishing cleaning the floors (carpet and tile) that so desperately needed it, if for any reason my sanity. I rode toward the National Seashore seriously needing to work out a flesh versus spirit frustration. Ever get in a funk and you just can't identify the source? I know the truths of God's word..."the joy of the LORD is my strength" "set your mind on things above" "whatever is true, whatever it noble...think on these things", but doesn't some days just seem more challenging than others? Those truths just couldn't seem to permeate my heart. That was my mood ALL weekend. My husband should have just locked me in the back bedroom and gave me food from under the door. Unfortunately, moms just can't "check out". I was smart enough to keep my mouth shut, even though that in itself could have been misunderstood, if my husband hadn't been the wiser. So as I am riding and fighting the wind pumping at 27mph with gusts up to 39mph, I am appreciating the workout simply from the standpoint of the mental frustration I was experiencing. As I held tight my handlebars and fought the gusts that seem determined to take me down, I thought about my grasp on God and how it is tighter during the times I feel Satan trying to derail me. I don't dare lessen my grasp of my savior when I feel the pressures around lest they bowl me over.

Hold fast and keep firmly what I preached to you, unless you believed at first without effect and all for nothing. I Corinthians 15:2 AMP
....let us hold fast our confession (of faith in Him). Hebrews 4:14

Monday, March 23, 2009

Be of good courage

In the light of today's volatile economics, in light of your challenges whether it be financial, emotional, the daily grind, marital, relationships, on and on and on....
Joshua 1:5-9
"No man shall be able to stand before you all the days of your life...I will not leave you nor forsake you...Be strong and of good courage...Only be strong and very according to all the law....commanded you...that you may shall meditate in it day and night....then you will make your way prosperous, and then have good strong and of good courage; do no be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go"

Saturday, March 21, 2009

To blog or not

My dear friend and I have been having this email dialogue about accepting the latest techno craze or not. We are both young moms with young children, ok she's younger than I am, and young is a state of mind, right? Anyway, I don't have a cell phone. Therefore, I don't text. I haven't joined facebook and I don't twitter. Does this make me archaic? Yet, here I am blogging? What is about putting our thoughts out there in cyberspace for all to see? My friend made a viable point that once it's out there, there is no taking it back. Much like our verbal words. I find this could be a tool, if used probably. See, as it is I have to work hard to manage my time so that I manage my God-annointed, God-appointed job well (that is a wife and a mom). So my cyper-bloggin' ladies. Why do you blog?

Friday, March 20, 2009

To Shoe Mamma

Thanks for the encouragement. I am so new at this that I went to your blog and couldn't figure out how to post there to say "thank you". So should you come back, how ever you stumbled upon my blog out of all the blogs out there..thank you.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

She Speaks Conference

Well, I am doing the one thing of many techno things I never imagined myself doing. own blog that is. I have read other blogs and thought to myself, why would I want to share so much on the internet? What happened to personal, face to face conversations? Well, I read Proverbs31 devotions daily. They have some great writers. Lysa Terkeurst is one of my favorite writers. Anyway, I read today on the website about scholarships available for this years "She Speaks Conference" ..following that to her blog, I find I have to have a blog in order to enter this scholarship contest. Go figure. Anti-techno girl improvising, adapting and overcoming.

I wanted to attend this conference last year. Being a wife, mom and at that time a ladies bible study facilitator for nearly six years, that desire just never made it to the top of the list of things to be done last year. Now, God has led me out of that of bible study facilitator to women's ministry 'facilitator'. So, now I find some additional teaching, coaching, training, is needed to move on and grow that which God has brought together. I have prayed for a mentor. A few possiblities have come and the equal desire is not evident or it's not God's timing. "She Speaks Conference" is coming this year and I began wondering ...could this be the vehicle in which God will use to infuse me with new ideas, to discover a gifting that I can't see because I am blinded by my own misbeliefs, could this possibly be a chance to unlock those dreams that I have stuffed aside not believing that those dreams could be mine?

You see the "She Speaks Conference" takes that desire of a wanna be/maybe I could be speaker, writer, and those women's ministry leaders and encourages them to perservere, encourages them to grow, equips them with a great cloud of witnesses to run the race throwing off that which hinders them to live the life that Christ came to give abundantly and to share it! Ladies walk away equipped and sure of their gifts and their abilities as a writer, speaker or women's ministry leader. I need that. I need to see the equipping that God has given me or else He wouldn't have spoken to me and formulated Heart2Heart Women's Ministry at our church. He wouldn't have pulled together this great group of ladies to fulfill the calling of ministering to the ladies of our church and reaching out to the community. I need that encouragement.

So here I go! The rest is up to God.