Monday, June 15, 2009

"Being versus Doing"

An outline of Ephesians from "Sit, Walk, Stand" by Watchman Nee is as follows:
A. Doctrinal (chapters 1-3)
1. Our position in Christ (1:1-3:21)
B. Practical (chapters 4-6)
1. Our life in the world (4:1-6:9)
2. Our attitude to the enemy (6:10-24)

I have listened to sermons by Duane Sheriffwhere he talks of the being versus doing, where we get so caught up in the doing that we forget to be. Watchman Nee breaks down Ephesians and addresses our first position in Christ as "sit". Ephesians 2:6 "and raised us up together, and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus." In John 15 we are told to abide in Christ and He will abide in us. The Greek word for abide is meno meaning to be in a state that begins and continues, yet may or may not end or Christ.

I have been known to get caught up in the 'doing' that I forget to 'be' in Christ. I find that when I relax and 'sit' at His feet daily that the 'doing' comes naturally. There is no struggle to find balance, He is my balance. There is no struggle in 'doing', He strengthens me. The key though is to 'sit' and 'abide' in Him. I have found one slip into my natural tendencies to 'do' in my own self sufficiency, my balance is thrown off, I struggle in my own strength, ....I will ultimately fall on my face. A humbling place to be, but on my face nonetheless.

Are you 'being' or 'doing' today? What could you do to change to 'being'? Is it a life-time decision, a lifestyle alteration, a daily modification to get back to the basics? Seek Him for your answer.


  1. Oh, how well I know the 'being' aspect of it all. But, I am a work in progress!;)

    I saw on your reply to Wendy Blights page that you have started a Women's Ministry... that can be hard, but with God ALL things are possible.

    I don't know if you've heard of it, but there is something called 'Girlfriends Unlimited'. Here is there website...

    I don't know how it all works, but they are supposed to help build your ministry and you are a part of their unit. I know it costs, I just don't know how much. Wish I knew about it first hand since I'm telling you about it, but I don't. Sorry.

    Hope it helps, though! Will be praying for you, sister!

  2. Danielle,
    We all work in progresses...praise God that is the case. I will check Thank you so much for taking time to stop by and share encouragement.