Saturday, March 21, 2009

To blog or not

My dear friend and I have been having this email dialogue about accepting the latest techno craze or not. We are both young moms with young children, ok she's younger than I am, and young is a state of mind, right? Anyway, I don't have a cell phone. Therefore, I don't text. I haven't joined facebook and I don't twitter. Does this make me archaic? Yet, here I am blogging? What is about putting our thoughts out there in cyberspace for all to see? My friend made a viable point that once it's out there, there is no taking it back. Much like our verbal words. I find this could be a tool, if used probably. See, as it is I have to work hard to manage my time so that I manage my God-annointed, God-appointed job well (that is a wife and a mom). So my cyper-bloggin' ladies. Why do you blog?

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